Done-For-You Google Ads Service (LIMITED SPOT FOR CLIENTS)

You Can Start Off With As Little As $500/Month (RM 2,000/month) Advertising Budget With Us - Provided We Are 100% Confident We Can Help You Make More.
Google Ads work. This has been proven.

If you are not too sure of what Google Ads is, check out their website,
What doesn't ALWAYS work is this: HOW to advertise with Google Ads effectively.
You see, everyone can start an ad campaign but not everyone knows how to do it well. Because it's not just a matter of having a good product or offer to promote, it's about how to effectively get TARGETED traffic to it to convert.

This is why, I have now open up the opportunity for entrepreneurs, business owners and companies to hire our company to help them launch their Google Ads Campaign.

Honestly, I've never done this in the past, accepting clients. Reason is, we're already very busy with our own company's ad campaigns. But in light of COVID19, so many entrepreneurs, business owners and companies are needing our help now.
There is a webform for you to submit below and once received, our expert will get in touch with you to further understand your business.

From there, we will know if we can accept you as a client or not, because we will only accept you as a client if we are confident we can help you - so that you will be more profitable from your ad spending.

When will we not accept a client?

If we can't help. Here are some reasons why there's a possibility we cannot help:

  • Clients may not grasp the concept of advertising clearly yet, they feel "anything put online will be sold automatically"
  • Products/Websites that do not align with us (we do not serve certain niches such as violence, drugs, politics, etc)
  •  Clients who are over-demanding. Demanding for results is understandable, but not over-demanding for our attention or "needy" is not something we do. We do our best to serve our clients and do it professionally. But if a client who needs to talk on the phone all of the time, I humbly feel I can't help such client, we're profitably not a good fit for such client.
Next Step:

During the consulting session, we'll advice you what we can do for you and the fees to hire us, based on your Google Ads budget (minum is $500/month or RM 2,000 in Malaysia). If you are okay, we'll begin work and all of these will be explained during the session.

So when we start driving targeted traffic for you to convert into leads or sales (depending on the nature of your business), you'll just continue to focus on your business, while we continue to manage, optimize and improve your Google Ads campaign.
Why Hire Us?
Because we are not an agency.

While agencies can be awesome, but most of the time, your campaign is being run by someone who doesn't have any "real life" experience.

We are not an agency because we are running our own businesses including:

1. Physical eCommerce Business
2. Software Business
3. Training And Education Business

So, our expert is not an "employee" but a real advertiser running your ad campaign. Right now, we're only accepting private clients to help them with Google Ads.
THE MINIMUM AD BUDGET: $500/Month (or RM 2,000/Month)
The minimum ad budget for Google Ads, excluding our fee, is USD $500/month (of if you are a Malaysian company/business, it starts at RM 2,000/month). Even though it's not expensive, it's definitely not for everybody.

It's only for people who have a business up and running already. You must be actively selling, whether offline or online, so that we can help you to get positive ROI.

Please note that it's not for biz opp mindset folks. Example, hiring us to drive traffic to some affiliate offers, trying to earn commissions by arbitraging the ads while doing nothing. Logically, if this works, we would be doing it A-L-L DAY LONG.


Remark: This is NOT a course or free consultation to learn anything, but a "done-for-you" service we're offering. The purpose of submitting the form below is because you have the intention to hire us to help you launch your Google Ads with a minimum advertising budget of $500 or RM 2,000. Also, you do have an existing business, offline or online, that is already selling stuff (products or services).
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