About Internet Mastermind Sdn. Bhd.
Internet Mastermind Sdn Bhd, since 2007, provides training and education through books, home courses, seminars and training programs to help marketers, side-hustlers and entrepreneurs all around the world to start their internet businesses. 

The company is founded by Patric Chan, an internet marketing pioneer and best-selling author of multiple books. You can find out more about Patric Chan at www.patricchan.net

Currently, Internet Mastermind Sdn. Bhd. is also working with business owners and companies for their digital marketing.

Affiliates.com.my eCommerce Platform

The mission of affiliates.com.my is to help all Malaysians to be able to sell digitally online. You can either be a product seller or as an affiliate marketer in the local market.

Done-For-You Google Ads Service (For Business Owners And Companies)

Everyone can start an ad campaign but not everyone knows how to do it well. Because it's not just a matter of having a good product or offer to promote, it's about how to effectively get TARGETED traffic to it to convert.

We have now opened up the opportunity for entrepreneurs, business owners and companies to hire our company to help them launch their Google Ads Campaign.

The 2-Day Affiliates.com.my Summit

In these 2 days summit, you'll get to learn how successful entrepreneurs and marketers are selling online, where these "speakers" are "unheard of". Because they are hand-picked by me to be on stage for you as PRACTITIONERS - each speaker is verified by showing me their websites that are generating revenue and profit. 
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