Remark: If you are newbie, kindly apply for the Newbie To Expert Coaching instead by clicking here. Ultimatum is not for newbies.

12-Month Personal Mentoring



The fastest way to make 5 figures, 6 figures and even 7 figures in business is to have a personal mentor.

If you are on this page, it means you've been invited to apply for the Ultimatum - my most powerful private mentoring program to help my clients to succeed.
Is The Ultimatum For You?

You are either in one of these categories:


The defination of a newbie is different for everyone. So for our context here, a newbie is define as someone who is already familiar with internet marketing basic jargons, however, they haven't achieve much success so far (or somehow, still stuck to get started).

Are you going in circles, trying to get started?

Going through courses after courses, upsells after upsells, yet... you still haven't build anything successful yet?

In this case, we can still help you.

But if you are newbie who doesn't know much about the basics yet, like you don't know how to buy a domain name yet, then the Ultimatum is not for you. If you still need coaching, then apply for the 12-Month Newbie To Expert Coaching.


You already have an existing business, online or offline, that's selling a product. Doesn't matter if it's physical product, software, services, consulting, seminars or anything - so long that you are already in business. 

You could even be a network marketer (MLM) or in real estate industry. You want to start applying digital marketing to your offline methods so that you can grow exponentially. 

Do you have a product that you could be selling online, but at this moment of time, it's still being promoted offline or very little exposure on the internet?

Do you have an offline business and it's losing out to competitors because it's still offline?

Or you are missing out a BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH as it's still very much offline.

The Ultimatum is suitable for you to apply.


You are currently making money online as an internet marketer. Doesn't matter whether it's affiliate marketing, eCommerce, workshops, etc. Your goal is to achieve breakthrough, doubling, 5X or even 10X your current income.

You are not able to get more sales towards your current product or your "old product" aren't selling as successfully as it used to be?

Or perhaps, you want to launch a new online business or product?

The Ultimatum is definitely suitable for you in this case.


If I can't guarantee results, what's the point of you joining a private mentoring program, right?

The fact is, I have over 50 private clients who are succeeding and thriving today. 

One of the reasons why all my clients succeed is because I don't simply accept clients - they apply and I'll review to see if I can serve them or not. I'll only accept clients whom I'm confident that I can help them.

Once accepted into the Ultimatum Program, I'll spend half a day to consult your business and mentor you for the entire 12 months, where you'll even get private access to me. Of course there are other components involved in the entire Ultimatum Program but the main purpose is to have a personal mentor. Humbly, it's quite hard for any client to fail if I'm personally overlooking their online businesses.

This Is Only For Serious Candidates.

This is for not for quick rich folks.

For some reason, people equate online business to "get rich quick" or "making money online".

This is NOT it.

This personal mentoring program is for you, if you want to build a real online business. A real online business is usually focused on building your assets such as brand, customer base, systems, etc and you are proud of it.

This Is Not A Free Program. This Is Also Not An Apprentice Program.

I'll be investing my personal time and resources to consult your business, coach and mentor you for 12 MONTHS.

In another word - I'm taking away my own time, energy and resources for my own business (that will guarantee income for myself) FOR YOU. So please understand this is not a free program and it's only for serious clients whom I'm going to help.

If you are getting started and finally, you are able to launch your profitable internet business this year... how much will you value this?

If you are a network marketer and you are able to expand your recruitment by 10X... how much would this worth to you?

If you are content producer, speaker or author and now, you're able to build your digital business successfully by selling your content on the internet, how much would this be worth to you? 

If you have a 6 or 7 figures existing business and it's now it's expanded online and became borderless, perhaps even reached the international market, how much would this worth to you?

If you are already selling online and you can automate your business further, freeing up your time or doubling your income in the next 60 days, how much would this worth to you?

Because for the right person, the Ultimatum Program could be the best investment ever. 

After all, so many clients of my clients and myself have already achieved all of the above.

The question is, ARE YOU READY for your business breakthrough?
Warm regards,

- Patric

P.S. We will reply to applications ASAP, replies could take up 48 working hours. If you don't hear from us, unfortunately, your application wasn't approve at this stage. At the same time, successful applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. 

If you have any inquiry, our contact details:

Email at or WhatsApp +(6) 012 - 2444820.

Patric Chan's Credibility

While there are many experts who write their credibility beautifully, we'll skip all of those and just stated factual achievements in point forms below.
  • Spoken in 12 countries including United States, UK, China, Singapore, etc as an authority of internet marketing
  • ClickBank Platinum Partner for 7 years in a row since 2013
  • ​Internet marketing pioneer since 2004
  • ​World-recognized internet marketer with testimonials from ordinary people to experts like Russell Brunson, Anik Singal, Matt Morris, Ryan Deiss, Dr. Joe Vitale, Mark Joyner, etc
  • ​Author of 3 best-selling physical books including multiple Amazon bestsellers, including being the co-author of Clicking Cash with New York Times best-selling author, Robert G. Allen
  • ​Patric Chan and his products have been featured in CNN, & Forbes
  • ​Arguably, he has gotten the most result-documented testimonials in the entire Malaysia for the English language market
  • ​Featured in an international best-selling entrepreneurial book together with Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, T. Harv Eker and others
  • ​​Has been invited by Penang State Government and in a University to speak about digital marketing and online entrepreneurship
  • The only local internet marketer who has ever been promoted by a bank in Malaysia, period
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