"$203K Sales Revenue In 7 Days By Just Rebranding Someone Else's Software?"
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Truth is, I was angry.

Because I was 2 weeks slower and that made me loss at least $50,000. 

You see, I was about to launch a software but another marketer launched earlier than me...

And generated a gross sale of $203K. That’s 1/5 of a million dollar in probably one week.

But do you know how much it cost to “develop” the software?


Why I can know that?
Because I have the exact same software.
We didn’t even develop it. 

We just bought the source code. 

In fact, it was better than just source code because it’s ready-to-go.

At first I was angry... 

but after a while, I couldn’t care less because after all, it’s my own fault for not being fast enough.

And this marketer is actually a friend of mine. 

In fact, he did a GOOD JOB. 

Customers are happy. They don’t care he bought it for just $599, so long they are able to get a good deal.

So if you think again...

There is no integrity issue at all. It’s good business where everyone wins.

But if you want to win, you need to know the secrets that I know.
Hi, my name is Patric Chan.

I’m known as a Super Affiliate…
I’m known as an internet marketing expert…
I’m known as a ClickBank Top Marketer…
I’m blessed to be in this business and I’ve been in it for a long period of time now, for more than a decade. 

I’ve also helped thousands of my students to make money online. 

Some have even quitted their jobs...

You see, getting “secret source code” and re-branding it to be sold online is actually not new. Heck, most of today’s software marketers in JVZoo are just doing that!
I want to give you some valuable free information here...
Truth is, I’ve never revealed my source before.

But here are 3 real life case studies how I’ve made 7 figures doing this…

Case Study #1: Niche Marketing 2.0 – Generated 7 Figure Sales

You can still see the salespage by going to www.waybackmachine.org and search for nichemarketing2.com. 

The product is an authority website builder with content management. 

The Secret Source: interspire.com

Case Study #2: Dupliterminator – Generated 6 Figure Sales

You can still see the salespage by going to www.waybackmachine.org and search for dupliterminator.com. 

The product is a software that converts articles to become unique. So it’s very useful for those who buy private label rights articles and use them as content on their blog for SEO.

The Secret Source: Google Translator

Case Study #3: CPMBidPro – Generated 5 Figure Sales

You can still see the salespage by going to www.waybackmachine.org and search for www.cpmbidpro.com.

The product is a software that find content network websites to advertise Google Adwords. Didn’t make 6 or 7 figures, but I can’t complain for making 5 figures with it, without much work.

The Secret Source: sitetargetingsniper.com

Truth is, I don't mind telling you my secrets because I feel that's the ONLY WAY how you can determine who's real and who's not. It's all about PROOF, right?

So here I am; being transparent with you.

I mean, we both know that there are many marketers out there peddling their courses. 

Some of them are even struggling to rub 2 dimes together, yet, claiming about how much successes they have. And also, bragging of their fake sales.
Going back to the apps and software that you’ve seen by marketers lately…
... what if I’ll expose their source of locating “ready to go” apps so you can also get into the game… and profit insanely as well?
Introducing: The Profit Windfall
I call this course, the Profit Windfall, simply because it allows you to launch your own software very quickly to generate massive income.

For instance, my competitor “flipped” $599 ready-to-go website builder software to over $203,000 of sales revenue. 

That’s quite insane, isn’t it?

In this course, it breaks down into 3 Training Parts:
Module #1: The Source Blueprint
I’ll walk you through where you can find the source and how to get started.

With this alone, you’ll be able to launch your own app business, even if you’re a newbie and have no technical knowledge at all.

Remember the 3 software I’ve launched in the past?

Well, I know NOTHING about coding or software. It’s a matter of “rebranding”.

Find the source code and learn how to acquire it to become yours to profit 100%...
Module #2: The Case Study Secrets
In this module, I’ll share with you how I launched Niche Marketing 2.0, DupliTerminator and CPM BidPro. These are some of my secret stealth software products that have made 7 figures. 

I've never disclose their strategies so that my online businesses are always under the radar.

But in Module #2, you’ll discover 3 DIFFERENT PROVEN STRATEGIES of how you wish to launch your own app aka how to get website visitors.

Or you can use all of these strategies in one launch - it's up to you.
Module #3: The Walkthrough Live Webclass
This is a webclass where I’ll walk you through step-by-step. It's as if I'm training LIVE.

How to research for a winning app, how to setup your webpage, collecting payment online, etc.

You're going to see exactly how this business is being built!

This module alone could be sold for $97 as an upsell but I'm throwing it in because I want you to have the most comprehensive training ever.
Unedited Customer's Testimonial...
"The course in Project Windfall was most beneficial to me in jump starting my online business, it provided me with the in’s and out’s on an innovative way to build an online business from the ground up in the shortest amount of time that seems absolutely untapped! The value in Project Windfall is tremendous and I am glad I took advantage of this opportunity, Thanks Patric!" 
- Joshua Boodoo, www.facebook.com/boodoojosh
Unedited Customer's Testimonial...
"I am so glad i grab Patric Chan's "Profit Windfall Course. 

It's an awesome course that is showing me how to rebrand and sell software even though i don't have any technical skills. I know as a newbie to the internet marketing arena this course will give me the skill set and knowledge to position myself as a product creator which will help me build my business faster. 

I love the fact that the course is easy to follow and understand, Patric breaks everything down in 4 steps plus he have live webinars to show you how to monetize your software. Thank you Patric for making this course and giving the little guys a fighting chance in the internet marketing niche."
- Gregory Wilson, www.facebook.com/g.l.wilsonenterprises
Unedited Customer's Testimonial...
"As an Affiliate, the aim is to generate constant income in order to sustain your Online Business. The best way to achieve this is to create your own products (content as well as physical), but where do you start when you're a newbie or an affiliate without connections and how will you pay for a qualified developer?

This was my dilemma a couple of months ago when I joined Patric Chan's CB Passive Income Program. One of his products called Profit Windfall do just that. It provides a step by step guide as to how to create your own product fast without breaking the bank. It is further followed up by an over the shoulder live webinar explanation during which important strategies for success are stressed and warnings about certain pitfalls highlighted. 

So I went and followed the steps and have to say that I will be releasing my own software soon and just enquired about a second. It's really super easy and the information invaluable. If you always thought how these super affiliates do it, Patric lets you in on the secret.

Really a Great Buy!!!"
- Antoinette Loxton, www.facebook.com/mms2dayf
I know…

It’s kind of hard to imagine you can make so much money from someone’s hard work, right?

I mean, imagine the amount of work, time and also, money you’ve saved.

This is by far, is probably the best “flipping” opportunity you can ever have.

Because in the conventional flipping concept, once it’s flipped, it’s gone. But right now, the product is yours and this could a business that continues to make money for you for YEARS.
"Learn the Profit Windfall shortcut that can make you rich."
I'm quite confident to say that the information in these 3 modules may be more important to any coaching program or course you've ever joined or bought.

Because you’re about to learn the secrets that software marketers don’t want you to know AT ALL.

And just in case you're new to the lucrative world of selling apps to marketers, let me remind you that I’ve done this many times and it has made me a lot of money. A LOT.

Can you afford to pass up this opportunity?

Because the investment for Profit Windfall is only a measly one-time $47.

Despite the value outweighs this small amount for the fortune you’re about to unlock, I’m going to make it even more unbelievable.

Instead of $47, you can get even more affordable TODAY.

The price is at the bottom of this page, it’s only a small fraction of the intended price.


Because I want to help you. I want to help you and the “small guys”.

Don’t you think it’s time you get a piece of it too?

Besides, I want YOU to come up with your app so that you can add more value to others and at the same time, make it more “competitive”.

By revealing these secrets to you, those who are currently profiting from selling software to us will need to step up the game. 

I’m all for creating a better community for all of us.

But if you want to grab your copy, do it fast. 

Because the price will increase later on. Logically, it can't be offered for less than the price of pizza forever, right?

The longer you delay, the more expensive it's going to get. 

But ironically, it doesn’t matter to me if you procrastinate because after all, I’m not doing this to make money and I’m doing fine with my own products today. 

So will you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity now and get instant access to Profit Windfall plus all the bonuses for only a small one-time investment, or will you test my word, wait it out and suddenly find yourself completely out of luck when others are crushing it to make 5 and 6 figures of income?

I will let you decide, but I would highly encourage you to get started right now and save yourself the agony of defeat.
No "Additional Training" Upgrade, EVERYTHING Is In Profit Windfall For You. I Don't Keep Anything Back.
I know the investment is SHOCKINGLY affordable. 

So it must be "incomplete" and require additional purchases for the training, right? NO.

For less than ten bucks, Profit Windfall includes all of the things I'm going to teach you. 

So don't worry; the low pricing has nothing to do with any marketing trick. But it has to do with my little ego of wanting to get MY FIRST-HAND INFORMATION to as many people as possible. Simple economy - low price means more people can afford it. 

So call it my "revenge" to expose the marketer's secrets, if you will.
Why This Course Is Different 
(After All, You've Heard The "Same" Thing for So Many Times...)
The big difference is this - THIS IS BACK WITH REAL CASE STUDIES.

I do not know about other courses, but most of the time, they're not even telling you the truth.

Because they haven't even tested whether whatever they're teaching does work or not. You seriously believe all of their screenshots and the words they're claiming?

I don't expect you to trust this page either because you do not know me yet; but the difference is, I've shared with you 3 case studies on this page itself - Niche Marketing 2.0, CPM Bid Pro and DupliTerminator. 

I have proven track record to back me up and when I teach you, I'm teaching you BASED ON WHAT I've done... and currently doing.

That's why I'm so confident that...
Profit Windfall Comes With A 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
If within 30 days and you don't feel it lives up to it's promises, your money back, no questions asked.

Let me say it again:

If you're not absolutely, entirely and utterly thrilled with your purchase within 30 days from the date you bought it, you get a full refund plus you'll get to keep the course and the bonuses for free.

Click the button now. You will be downloading and watching the video trainings instantly and the incredible bonuses to be downloaded with just a few minutes for just a measly one-time off investment of $47...
See you inside.

Warm regards,
Best-Selling Author, International Speaker & CB Super Affiliate
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