How To Use Social Media To Get NEW Leads And Sales For You EVERY DAY - Even If You Are Just STARTING A One-Person Business!

From: Patric Chan

So how do you use social media for marketing, branding and of course, making it profitable for your time and money invested?

Hi, my name is Patric Chan and I’ve recently trained a 2-day masterclass called the Social Media Income to a small group of clients.

The good news is, the masterclass was recorded.
It's based on a new system that I’m currently implementing in my company and you'll see how exactly I'm doing it like clockwork to make money online...

The system is A.D.D - automation, development of content and distribution.

Whether you agree or not, there is so much noise in social media - so why most people are wasting time with social media or end up broke?

In short, they learn about social media to become "influencers". So they are taught about producing "good content" and giving it away to build a following.

But despite that being a very good advice, most people will be broke before they start seeing any result. 

The reason is, there is no money coming in when they first started and they will also be spending too much on ads to build their so-called followings. You see, many are still CLUELESS about how to do it in a way that they can track a positive ROI.

Sometimes, they give up just because it's way too much work to produce so much content and so many videos without getting any attention (and also not making any money).

This is why I'm so excited with my social media system that I've taught in the recent masterclass - it's not about being an influencer or buying ads, it's about A SYSTEM that you can use to attract local or worldwide audience and start selling with it!
This Is Not About Social Media, It's About MAKING MONEY ONLINE EVERY DAY
This masterclass is not about social media marketing like you've heard about.

Should you do like Gary Vaynerchuk, with the concept of hustling every day and produce multiple content?

Or like Grant Cardone, larger than life kind of exposure? Including having "omnipresence". 

Don't get me wrong - I have huge respect for both of them but don't get delusion you can do anything like theirs if you are one person guy. 

Just so you know, Gary V has a team of 30 people to just produce the Gary V Content (after he created it).

You don't need 100K fans. Or even 10K. At that moment of me doing the masterclass, I'm only having about 4K fans to get sales on a daily basis.

You also don't need to spend a fortune on ads. For every ad that I'm spending, there's a proper system for it to generate the income back to me.

Lastly, you don't even need a team. If you don't want to hire anyone to help you, you can just do it all by yourself. I've tested to do it before hiring anyone to help out. Not hard at all.

In other word, this masterclass is about how to turn social media into a clockwork marketing system that you can use to attract new leads and customers!
The 10-Step A.D.D System
Here's a short clip of the masterclass, so that you know how it looks like...
Here are the 10 steps taught in the 2-day masterclass strategically...

Step #1: Choose Your Platform
Step #2: Your Monetization Strategy
Step #3: Your Lead Capture Page
Step #4: Producing Your Video Content
Step #5: Your Content Promotion
Step #6: Build Your Audience And Followers
Step #7: Produce Content Offer
Step #8: Sytemizing Your Videos
Step #9: Content Repurpose Strategy
Step #10: Advance Tactics Integration

This is the most comprehensive system on how to launch a social media campaign - this is exactly the same system that we're charging clients $25K to create for them.

Heck, if you understand my system, you could even be using my system to charge clients on your own...
The second unique part of this masterclass is I focus on TURNING social media’s effort and ads spending into ROI. Generating income, not followers.

So, whenever I’m doing a social media campaign, there’s a strategy to get ROI. It’s a strategic approach or not being done for the sake of uploading a video and getting LIKES.

The Social Media Income Masterclass is not about teaching you how to get more fans or subscribers, but generating real profit for your business...

I believe, that’s a HUGE DIFFERENT where entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers would appreciate because they are not getting into the social media game to entertainment fans or to get “good feelings”. They want to build their BUSINESSES PROFITABLY.

I mean, fact is, countless of them have been burned by attending workshops, hiring agencies or going through courses after courses.

So when you get access to the recording of the masterclass today, you’ll actually see MY WORK so that you can MODEL IT.

This is NOT theory-based, but based on real life results. 
During the masterclass, each of the attendee received a workbook for them to follow the class. You'll also get the workbook in PDF version - print it or use digitally, it's up to you but the workbook will be your blueprint once you've completed the masterclass.
You'll get the exact Power Point slides that was presented in the 2-day masterclass in PDF version. This way, you will be able to use it while going through the training and also, for your future reference.
After the workshop is over, I did a coaching session for the attendees. In this coaching session, I've constructed a blueprint on how to use the A.D.D System for an aesthetic treatment clinic to get offline clients! 

Yes, we're not selling digital products or even eCommerce. You'll understand how my social media system can be applied to almost any industry or type of products, including selling services or even real estates.
Previously, before the Social Media Income Masterclass, I did a workshop about getting traffic from Facebook.

I spent the whole day teaching my strategies and revealing my secret of the EXACT marketing model of how I advertise on Facebook - I called it, the Social Strategic 2.0 training.

The good news is, the session was recorded and I'm also going to give it you as bonus for free today.
Save $1,270 And Watch As Many Times As You Wish Until You Become An Expert
 According to research, the overall average cost-per-click in Facebook is a whopping $1.86 and the average small business advertising on Facebook spends around $1,000–$2,000 per month.

If done incorrectly, that's a loss of $1,000 - $2,000 each month.

This is why, the offered fee of $1,495 to attend the live 2-day Social Media Income Masterclass is nothing, in comparison to the money, time and resources saved. The fact is, it may take 6 - 12 months of testing just figure out what works. And by then, all of the things may be outdated again...

But today, I'm going to let you have the recorded version of the masterclass for only a one-time off investment of just $1,495 $995 $495.

The best part is, you get LIFETIME ACCESS plus the free bonuses. Which means, you can watch as many times as possible.

Truth is, $495 is nothing for what it's going to give you back.

Look - I do not know what you are currently selling or what you would wish to sell by using social media, but even if you're just an affiliate marketer, it'll just take a few sales to earn back your investment right away.

But if you have your own products or services, even offline businesses, then you don't need to think any further.

And WHAT IF, you are a bit creative?

Take my system and do it for clients. You could be charging from $1,000 to $5,000 for helping them out with social media marketing that BRINGS RESULT. For me, I personally charge a minimum of $25,000 to do this for clients.

You could even work out a profit-sharing model for your clients.
The Social Media Income Masterclass 
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back. If Social Media Income Masterclass is not everything that we say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then we will give you back your money 100% with no questions asked. That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.
Click the button below to secure your copy and get instant access now:
I do not have a product yet, would this masterclass be suitable for me?
The Social Media Income Masterclass is definitely suitable if you have a product to sell, but even if you don't, it's still suitable. Because when your goal is to generate income, you can always partner with someone else with products or even promote affiliate programs by using the social media platforms.
I am a beginner, is the workshop suitable for me?
If you are a beginner to social media or technology but you're familiar with using a computer and Facebook, you are okay. This masterclass is NOT about using social media, it's about strategies HOW TO use them to generate profit for you as platforms.
I sell physical products, can I still use your strategies and system?
The strategies are still applicable simply because you're just using social media to "channel" the traffic to your offer.  
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