The True Secret to Success In Life
Follow Jack's Story to Uncover What You May Be Missing Out In Your Own Life...
Jack has a great wife and a daughter. He’s a white collar worker who has managed to cleverly break away from his job using his talent, and has since started his own business successfully. However, he seems to find that’s something is missing from his life – what is the “missing gap”, why isn’t Jack completely happy?

Is everything that Jack is experiencing an illusion, or is this what it really means to live life?

The Dialogue is the latest book written by best-selling author, Patric Chan, to further explore the meaning of life. YOUR life.
Why This Book Is Written…
The author, Patric Chan has written several other books on the topic of success and creating financial wealth. However, it seems like the biggest missing link in life is not truly "living it" - regardless of how much success and money you may have. After seeing many people becoming wealthy but somehow remaining unfulfilled in their life, The Dialogue is his next message to the world. Furthermore, our world has become very "noisy"; so it's time to reflect on what's really going on in your life. 

In this book, you’ll discover:

* What the “missing gap” in our daily busy life that holds us from feeling fulfilled is

* Why money in itself doesn't bring success into your life, despite how much you could make, and yet, it’s still a commodity that you must have

* What the “dialogue” really is and why it’s so important to you

* What makes you look forward to tomorrow and the same reason why you cannot die, not yet at least

* The 5 rules of happiness – with this wisdom, you’ll be able to master happiness

Read this book to uncover the truly wonderful life that you have; through Jack’s story. It’s time for you to “break free” from everything else, and understand why your life is so meaningful and beautiful.
This book is suitable for...
Someone Who Is Successful But Feels "Incomplete" 
You seem to have everything in your life, especially financially. However, it seems like there's still something missing in your life, and you can’t quite seem to understand what it is. Is this all there is to living?
Someone Who Likes Personal Growth And Spirituality
The Dialogue will inspire you. You'll see your life differently when you start applying the wisdom that’s taught in this book.
Someone Who Wants To Know What Success Truly Is
Is money a benchmark of success? Yes it is, but The Dialogue argues that there are many other components that define true success. 
Someone Who Can't Seem To Be Happy
It's not your fault if you're not experiencing true happiness. If you are finding it difficult to find happiness in your life, or if you always feel like a "victim" of circumstances, The Dialogue may give you a different perspective of happiness.
Someone Who Appreciates Life
If you're living your life wonderfully, you'll resonate well with what The Dialogue is sharing and it will further empower you to meaningful living.
Someone Who Has A Friend Who Is Unhappy With Life
Read the Dialogue and see if the message resonates with you. The book may be the one remedy you need to help your friend to stop being unhappy with life, and instead start living a meaningful one.
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